key topics

Public Safety – Enforcing a safe and secure public environment is a core responsibility of any city. While we should always look for areas of fiscal opportunity to operate more efficiently, I will NEVER support defunding our first responders.  

Explosive Economy – Collin and Denton County continue to be one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. The City of Allen can better harness this incredible growth by removing obstacles for small and medium sized businesses. I will put a strong emphasis on simplifying and streamlining the prolonged decision making process the city places on new business owners as well as existing business owners, most who only want to improve and grow their businesses.    

Master Developments – I want to make it okay for the Allen City Council to say, “We don’t want more apartments in Allen!” We can complete the final build out phases in Allen with the most modern development styles found anywhere in the U.S. without thousands of apartments built on top of each other. It’s okay to not want more apartments!

Lower Taxes – The property tax rate for the City has steadily declined, but the AMOUNT of property tax paid to the City by residents is at an all-time high. I am committed to the No New Tax Revenue Rate and, if elected, will do all I can to encourage a majority of the Council to adopt the No New Tax Revenue Rate.

Fiscal Responsibility – I am fiscally conservative in my personal life and as citizens, we have the personal liberty to spend as we individually see fit. Government, however, has an obligation to be fiscally responsible with how our hard earned tax dollars are spent. City departments should be incentivized to reduce their overhead and cost of services, while at the same time delivering best-in-class services. A smaller, smarter government is a better government.

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