Vote for Daren Meis — Texas House of Representatives - HD 67

Daren Meis

Conservative Republican Candidate for the Texas House of Representatives
House District 67

Daren Meis

Conservative Republican Candidate for The Texas House of Representatives
House District 67


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Daren Meis

Experienced Leader, Dedicated Public Servant and Advocate for a Better Texas

Offering three decades of business success and acumen, Daren Meis is a seasoned business leader and a former Councilmember for the City of Allen. His analytical approach to decision making has produced a long history of making difficult and bold decisions to solve challenging problems. Through transparency, honesty, and integrity, he is committed to rebuilding and restoring the lost trust of constituents in Collin County. He will uphold our shared common values to move Texas in a better direction and back to leading the country, by example.


The right leadership at the right time for the right reason

border security

Call on Governor Abbott to immediately deploy all necessary resources and manpower to stop illegal trafficking of drugs, people, and weapons from crossing our border

Allocate responsible funding for efficient detention and deportation procedures, prioritizing the humane treatment of illegal immigrants
Seek Federal financial reimbursement for Texas tax payers for the expense of border security


Empower parents with rights, transparency, and open communication in educational decision-making

Prevent the exposure of sexualized materials in public schools

Overhaul the Robin Hood school funding distribution system
Foster an environment for improved educational opportunities and standards
Establish education savings accounts for universal educational freedom


Collaborate with the Attorney General’s Office to create specific election legislation that prevents rogue judges from further eroding the confidence and integrity of our elections.

Pass legislation empowering the Attorney General to prosecute voter fraud and election integrity crimes
Create County level elections review boards to sample election results to ensure election result accuracy
Restore statewide confidence in election security and integrity
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A Champion of Conservative Values

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is the most conservative Attorney General in the United States, suing the Biden Administration nearly 50 times.

I am proud to have the support and endorsement from AG Ken Paxton.



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